We have finally received the registry documents for the Victorian Pile. Wow! As the house was built around 1856 there is a lot of documents to go through… and with the wonders of the internet you can look up the people that lived in the house.

It looks as though the house was built as a holiday home by the local lord (Lord Palk). Now when I think of a holiday home I tend to think of a bungalow with a couple of rooms, a small kitchen and a patch of grass behind the beach. The Victorians being the Victorians (who were very confident that what they were doing was right and knew that they were building for posterity rather than for the next 3 years) built the house with 3 main bedrooms, 3 servants bedrooms, a study, kitchen etc. Impressive by any standards.

It looks as though Lord Palk died and then the houses in the set were sold on to a local Doctor. The Doctor then owned the houses until after the war when he died. One of the interesting documents is a document that grants certain rights to the owner of the property – what is interesting about it is that it is written in a meticulous copperplate. It makes it impossible to read but makes one thing about how different things are now where we have documents easy to hand, easy to print and share. Thank goodness for modern technology!


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