When I started writing this blog, I expected to write interesting and funny things about houses like my colleagues at Kenwyn and  Victoria Elizabeth Barnes or even post some photos – although they could not be as stunning as Patrick’s.

Instead I am writing about tax. Not the most interesting of subjects, but comes to us all. Now I have blogged about this before: the issues of getting a mortgage when you are self employed. The bank in their infinite wisdom needed to have both the company accounts (no problem says I – I’ll pop it in the post). They also needed SA302s.

Now a quick search of the interweb revealed that this was a new requirement and an SA302 was something that no-one had heard of. You need to phone HMRC and ask for it. I am lucky enough to have an accountant so got them on to this pronto. However there was a breakdown in communication: El Banko needs two years of SA302; my accountant asked for only one year…and there is a 2 week lead time. Queue another phone call to HMRC and the beginning of a nervous wait.


But then El Banko phones me up to find out what is happening as they had not received the SA302, and told them the state. Oh, no problem they reply, HMRC will fax it over. Phone call to a very pleasant person at HMRC who said no problem and the bank had the required documents in about 10 minutes.

Grggghh. Why had they not said this 3 weeks ago?

So if you are in the same position, try asking your bank if they can receive a fax of the SA302 and save yourself a load of time and effort!


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