Moving out and Clothes Aid

So we have (now had) 15 bags of old clothes that we needed to get rid of. We found them as part of the process of clearing out the junk. They were all in good condition (we had binned the clothes that were not). There was no way we could just throw them out so we had to think of something to do.

Now before you think that I am some mad, clothes shopper/hoarder – I should point out that it was 5 years of 2 children’s clothes and hence felt that they should go to a good home. We did not feel like just turning them over the local dump as we did not where they would end up. We also felt that dumping off 15 bags at the local charity shop would go down like Clint Eastwood at a Republican convention.

Queue Clothes Aid ( We dropped them an e-mail on Sunday. They e-mailed us back Monday to ask for an address and phone number, and a man in a van collected it today. In my opinion that is service! It saved us throwing them out, and saved a whole load of petrol of people dumping the clothes + we helped a good cause (The NSPCC). A win all round.

Looking forward to writing about the house again, but no, we are still in the conveyancing no-man’s land.


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