They’re here………..

One would think that living in an old Victorian Pile there would be ghosts. I have had thoughts that I might be looking at the TV, and then see a ghost. Of course nowadays with Digital TV, you don’t get the noise (i.e. snow) on TV anymore, so poltergeists cannot come that way. Hence the time in our house has been eventual on a haunting front.

So who is here?


Yes truly exciting. As we have now had the planning permission granted we can start work. And we are going to start work on one of the flat roofs (the one that leaks). The first builder turned up today and started knocking holes in the ceiling ready for the replacement. They expect to be done in 2 weeks. We shall see.


Water water everywhere, nor a drop to drink

So… we have had more than a little rain. But no real problems. A bit of damp in the garage, but generally the house has been OK. Until today…

For some reason the walls which we have been concerned about have started to show their dampness. It must be something about the way the rain has fallen. The house is constructed in a bit of a weird way. I think that there must have been two small courtyards in the middle of the house. On one side, it has been roofed over with a flat felt roof. When our tame builder came round he said that the job “was badly done” which was a polite way of him saying it was crap. He was not surprised that we had evidence of damp. Nor am I after we now have water coming down on the inside.

What to do? Well also our tame builder said a good piece of advice that he used on a client: “That water outside has now come inside. We need to stop it. That is all the issue is”

Somehow it is a comfort to reduce it to a simple statement like that!