Sash Windows

While we are waiting for the paper work to be sorted, I have started looking at sash windows. Sash windows were invented by Robert Hooke (famed for Hooke’s law – which is the law about springs you did at school).

The house that we are in the process of buying has a whole stack of windows. We counted them from the floor plan and it is about 20 odd. 4 huge windows on the ground floor and then another load dotted around the house.  Now 20 odd windows sounds like a lot. The UK government up to around 1851 used to tax your windows. This house was built in about 1858/60 so in celebration they seemed to have whacked as many windows as possible.

I don’t think that they are all sash windows, but I know that the ones we saw need to be mended.Now luckily one of my colleagues at work is renovating a house, so I thought I would tap him for information. He reckons that the budget is around £1000 per window for full renovation. The issue can be that the sills become rotting and the rot begins to creep up into the boxing of the sash. He also recommended getting them painted in a kind of stitch in time saves nine way.

Looking further I found this handy guide to sash windows: if you want to know more.


Builder’s Estimate

So we were waiting for the builder’s estimate today. By the time it got to 4pm I thought I had better phone him. He had looked at the house but had not had time to put a detailed estimate together. So far so normal,  but told him we had to get a move on. So he is going to send a “high-level” estimate through so we can review.

The good news is that he thinks it will be around what the surveyor says – however the bad news is that he said “I know some people that would not touch it with a barge pole”

Currently considering if we have a long enough barge pole to touch it with. Will keep you posted.