Taking my mind off the stress…

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes viewed my blog – which is always a nice thing to happen. Especially when I looked at what she was doing, and it knocks my concerns sideways. She writes a funny and honest block at http://victoriaelizabethbarnes.com/ about her and her husbands efforts to do up an 1890s house just outside Philadelphia. What is interesting is to see how someone else approaches the problem and especially in another country!

What I have learnt: well that people are far more industrious than I am! They repair and fix their porch themselves so both seem pretty handy around ruler and a saw! My skills are not up to that standard, but to do the whole lot, I am very impressed. Think that I will only be able to put up some shelves and perhaps some paint…

Time will tell.



So another blog to read. I started to follow Kenwyn as the people that write it are quite funny (something that is lacking in my blog posts). Again a Victorian house but this one is down in Torquay. They look as though they started in June and at the rate they are going will be complete before I even move in!