They’re gone…

20131110Well – they finished a few weeks ago actually, but what a difference!

So the builders in question were fantastic. Real professionals and no mistake. They arrived on time, and completed the job early. This is of course replacing a roof and they did it during one of the wettest Octobers on record and also through “the great storm of 2013”.

So what did they do? Firstly they uncovered an alcove that had been plastered over. The alcove was actually a good sized in-built bookcase that had been covered over circa 1980. So that it looked better, David (the builder) suggested that instead of the ceiling going directly into the alcove, he would build it down a little – and boy was he right. It looks much better and more solid.

They were surprised by how well the roof was built. The timbers were probably from around 1900, which was when we think the house was remodeled. So in fact “all” that they had to do was pull away the old building materials, leave the timbers and then rebuild the roof around it. A single membrane system was used which means that there will be less issues with leaking. He also put in the skylight (we had planning and listed consent for it) and it all it has lightened the whole back of the room.

What is a really nice feature of our house is that almost all of the convex internal corners have a piece of wooden beading on them. This is a typically nice architectural feature as it softens the corners. David (thoughtful as ever) went and put that in as well where we had to cover a down pipe. It has made the overall changes in the house much more in keeping (you can just see it in the corner of the photo).

All in all very happy!


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