Cleaning Chandeliers

What a boring thing to write a blog post about – cleaning. But there did not seem much on the subject, so thought I would divulge what I have spent part of the weekend doing.

When we bought the house a lot that was left (which in general was good stuff). One of the items we inherited (well 3 actually) were some Crystal Chandeliers. Now I am not usually one for such things as they can be a little over the top – however that is a normally the case for a 1970s semi-detached in suburbia, and actually in a house like ours they fit in reasonably well.

However they were dusty and had not been cleaned for probably 15 years +. They sat above our heads like some Damocles Sword, until a number of stars aligned to make us get up and do something about it. These were:

1. We FINALLY have a ladder that can reach (it weighs a ton, but is very useful – let me know if you want more details)

2. Our builder is starting work NEXT WEEKEND (yes – excitement is not the word). More on this when I get a chance

3. We cleaned paint off an old marble fireplace (when I have some good photos I will post)

4. My parents went on holiday and pointedly showed us how lovely some of the CLEAN chandeliers in the hotel were and HOW SIMILAR THEY WERE TO OURS.

So we started the task on one chandelier, and it was not as difficult as I feared. First of all we took photos so we knew where to hook all the bits back on (there were a lot believe me). And then with hot soapy water we cleaned each piece, dried it and put it back up. We then replaced the light bulb and voila: it looks as good as new. We found some other light fittings around the house that we were not keeping and used that to repair odd bits. Not difficult and looking the photo, I am sure you would agree.



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