More water, but every cloud has a silver lining…

So I got home Friday to find that the water problem had got much worse. There had been lots and lots of rain on Friday, and at last it got the better of the flat roof. The carpet was in about 1cm (0.5″ for my American readers). Water was literally running down the inside of the house.

What do you do in this situation?

Well not a lot you can do really! We took the carpet out, got some buckets and then sat down and had a bottle of wine! There was nothing else for it. We thought about it overnight, and then talked to our friendly builder. We all decided that actually what had happened was that the drain in the flat roof was blocked, and then the water rose and went down between the wall and the flashing. Our builder unblocked the drain in the roof (gratis even though I tried to get him to take money for a beer) and temporarily that has stopped the water.

It has meant that I have had to call our architect as to be honest we need to get a move on to stop things like that happening.

So what is the silver lining? Well when we lifted up the carpet we came across a hatch in the floor. We have not opened it yet, but it is exciting to think what could be down there as we had not known about it. Talking to friends and collagues the vote seems split 50:50 between either treasure/booze or a dead body!

I will keep you posted.


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