We are in

After a very stressful Friday – we have finally moved into the Victorian Pile. What happened was that our lawyer got the account number wrong, so that the house we were. Using only had about half the money! It meant waiting around for 5 hours, and even then it was not sorted. Sense prevailed and we were allowed in “under license”. This meant that the removal men could unload. They were great and when I get time I shall write a blog entry dedicated to Alban Moves!

What is important is that we are in, on Monday the rest of the money transferred so we now do own the house. Although we have had not a lot of time, we have managed to explore bits of the house – so much to write about! I also took a photo, but the weather in Devon has been so wet that I want to take a photo when the sun is out!

I will post more later, but at present we have thousands of boxes to unpack!


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