At last we are moving

So finally, after a million phone calls, negotiation, builders estimates , solicitors, more phone calls, head locks and Chinese burns we are moving! This is really the reason why I have not written in the blog for so long. For a bit it really looked as though we would not move at all and the dreams of living in the Victorian Pile would be gone forever. When our buyer decided to try and renegotiate on the purchase of our house we really thought that the whole thing was off the rails. However there is a word that is used too little in the English Language – No! So we managed to talk the purchaser round and we were on again.

For those of you that don’t live in the UK, there is a quaint (meet utterly crazy system) where what happens is that you spend a whole load of time trying to get to contract exchange. It is only after contract exchange can you not really pull-out. Up to that point anything goes and it can get a bit wild west. After contract exchange in completion. That is when you finally move in.

The fun bit for us has been that we wanted to get in before Christmas. This is rare and a bit of a push. So we negotiated the completion date being 10 days after contract exchange. This is great, but when we phoned the removal company, they said they could not do that date.


Luckily my wife did a good bit of tracking down another firm that can do that date.


This meant that the weekend just gone was me up the loft bringing down the various boxes of junk that we wanted to move with. It was only after I looked in some of the boxes that I realised we had loads of VHS and audio cassettes – and nothing to play them on! Queue the umpteenth trip to the tip to dispose of it. They will probably be worth something in 50 years!

So where is the house. Well I can now reveal that we are moving down from a place North of London and down to Torquay in Devon. The house as I said in a prior post was build in around 1857, and is much much bigger than our current (soon to be old house). It does need a lot of work, so I have organised a builder to come round before Christmas for “mince pie and an estimate”.

We have also invited the extended family for Christmas. I can only work to a deadline, and this seemed quite a good one to get me going, but I am sure Christmas morning I will change my mind and wish I had never thought it was a good idea.

Anyway once we are in then I will post a photo so watch this space.


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