What is in a soffit board?

So typical. I take the rubbish out and what do I see? Little bits of tile on the path next to the kitchen door. I look up and can see that some of the mortar that keeps the tiles in place have fallen down. Why is it that when you come to sell a place all of a sudden a load of little jobs need to be done? There is no way I could morally sell the house with a “slightly dodgy roof”… Queue phone call to local roofing company to get it sorted.

So far so boring I hear you cry. However on the website of the firm we are going to use they have a very nice diagram of “bits of roofs” so if you don’t know your barge boards from your soffits, feast your eyes on this little gem:

Is that a Barge Board or a Soffit mate?

The source was the http://www.harpenden-roofing.co.uk/.  it is a shame that when we move we can’t use them as we will be about 250 miles away!


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