We are slowly making our way towards The Victorian Pile. We had our purchasers  viewing our house for the 4th time on Saturday. Nothing to worry about, I think that they are just excited about moving in. I am not surprised – although our house was built in 1978, it is still a detached 4 bedroom , one  with en-suite, great neighbours in a nice part of the world! What was slightly non normal was that they took photos. Now taking photos of our house that they want to move into is not that strange… taking photos of the inside of the cupboards was not something that I would have expected. Each to their own I suppose. Ideas on what they were going to use the photos for on a postcard please (or please the comment section!).

Having said that – the one room that we could not see in the Victorian Pile was the utility room because that is where the tenants kept a vicious dog (well vicious looking anyway). We did not feel like doing battle with it, so using my phone I took photos around the door to see what was in there. Perhaps that is weird as well!


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