I never knew time passed so slow
I wish I’d never met you, or that I could bear to let you go
At dead of night, ’till break of day
Endless thoughts and questions keep me awake
It’s much too late

Jealousy – Pet Shop Boys

So here I am reading about other people renovating their houses. The guys at Kenwyn are braving the dark tower, installing lino and generally seems to be getting to the end. The photogenic couple (Victoria Elizabeth Barnes and hubby) are going for it by buying unweidly items from Craig List

What am I doing?

I am trying to get all the documentation together to send to the mortgage company and solicitors. Now I am sure all these other people have been through the same boring process, but it is still boring none-the-less. I have spent the last hour battling with scanners and printers so that I can copy the various electric certificates, builders certificates and central heating installing certificates. This is for the property I am selling, and not on the Victorian Pile I am buying.

This is not what it should be about: the blog should be about the excitement of lifting carpets and finding hidden gems of parquet flooring, renovating mouldings, tapping on walls and finding hidden passage down to smugglers coves (well perhaps the last one is a bit fanciful). Instead I am stuck getting together a load of pieces of paper.

Now last time I moves was about 5 years ago and I am sure that it was less that was required. It does not help that I work for myself so I now need a number extra pieces of paper including end of year accounts (fair enough) but a a new tax document SA302 which details the income tax for the last tax year. Yawn. Boring boring boring.

Hoping to get past this and be able to write about the excitement of a house. When I believe that  we will get into the house then I will write a bit more about it! Till then you will have to leave me with a bottle of English Wine (yes – we do nice wine, we just don’t tell people about it!) and me sulking in a pile of paper…


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