Bad night’s sleep

So had a really horrible night last night. We had the builders estimate and it was HUGE. It almost needed to be printed in landscape to fit the number on! We spent most of the night with my spreadsheet trying to make the numbers add up. The issue was they just wouldn’t! It didn’t matter how we cut it. So there was I thinking that I was pleased that I had paid to set-up the blog!

We started looking through other houses that we could buy and I was fully prepared for pulling out and a last post here. But thought I had better speak to the builder first.

And I am pleased I did.

He is brilliant. We discussed what needed to be done, and what was urgent and what was not. It turns out that if we don’t do the urgent work, we can probably afford the changes for the first year if we got a pretty significant discount from our original offer on the house.

Queue conversation with Estate Agent. I don’t want to jinx it but initially signs are good. But frustrating we are not there yet! I will keep you all posted.


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