What am I doing?

So this could be the shortest blog depending on the outcome of the next few weeks. After a long time trying to sell our house, we finally got an offer this week… Which means we can start to seriously think again about moving into this large Victorian House that we have had our eye on.

After much debate we thought it MIGHT be the right house for us. There is a bit of a story behind that which I might post one day. We thought we had sold our house once and we put an offer on the “Victorian Pile” so we arranged a detailed survey (cost £900). Unfortunately the purchasers for our house fell through – they said that they were chain free, however when it came down to it they weren’t. We did have the detailed and comprehensive survey though, and there is a lot that needs to be done. What makes it difficult is that it is listed… But now we have an offer on our house, so we need to think about whether we want to move into this house again.

I think moving from something that is circa 1977 to something that is circa 1857 I think will be quite a shock to the system!

Anyway, we still have our offer on the Victorian Pile… but we had a builder going round on Friday to quote for the work. Expecting a large estimate.

Will let you know more once we have that! Plus will also talk a little bit more about the Victorian Pile and why it is interesting to someone who has very little experience of architecture and buildings as a whole!



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